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Oxi Clear N-99 Anti Pollution Face Mask


Oxi Clear N-99 Anti Pollution Face Mask

Oxi Clear N-99 Anti Pollution Face Mask with 4 Activated Carbon Filters & Detachable

N99 REUSABLE FACE MASK – OxiClear Face Mask is widely used in urban environments due to the high levels of air pollution. 

Built with superior particle filtration technology, OxiClear Face Mask provides dominant protection from PM 2.5 particles, Pollen, Bacteria, Smoke & Dust. Protect your lungs from ailments caused by particles that penetrate and cause devastating consequences.

4 ACTIVATED CARBON FILTERS INCLUDED - OxiClear activated carbon filters, are also infused with other compounds like magnesium dioxide and copper oxide to remove even more hazardous pollutants from the air, such as carbon monoxide and ethylene oxide. Oxi Clear filters are also more adept at preventing a build-up of bacteria that can occur naturally over time.

SAFE RELEASE AIR VALVE - The air valve is covered by a 5-layer replaceable filter and is efficient for facilitating the exit of moisture and CO2 from the interior of the mask and provides comfort while wearing the mask. What you breathe out is also filtered and safe for others.

• Brand Name - Oxi Clear

• Item Weight - 31.5 grams

• Material - Organic Brushed Cotton

• Number of Items - 5

• Part Number - OCM-316

• Size - Adjustable

• Special Features - Size Adjustable, Metal Nose Clip, Snug Fit

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